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The 'why I love to travel' story

'So what is it that makes you travel so much?', people often ask me!

It's actually easy to answer: I'm a curious guy eager to know what the world is all about. As a little kid I solved this by reading... a lot. While reading, my imagination would take me anywhere I wanted and I could explore almost anything I wanted. Everytime I read a story taking place in a country I never heard of before, I took my world atlas and an encyclopedia for children to learn more about the places all those exciting adventures were happening.

Reading is one thing. Experiencing the 'real thing' is something quite different (and so much better of course). I already came to this conclusion the first time I travelled abroad at the age of 16. It was a college trip throughout Italy for 10 days. I lost my heart to 'la bella Italia' and got bitten by the travel bug.

To state the difference between reading and experiencing, I love to make the comparison with the adventures encountered by the main character in one of my favourite childhood books: 'The Little Prince' (by A. De Saint-Exupéry). The Prince was used to live on his planet, but one day he wanted to go out there and discover what other people where doing on the other planets!

Of course, no matter how hard you get bitten by the travel bug, you still have to go out there and start exploring the world. And though I travelled to here and there in Europe in the years following the Italy trip, the first time Marlo (then my lovely girlfriend, now my even lovelier wife) and I crossed the ocean proved to be the real kickstart of our travel adventures.

The last 6 years, it has already been a rollercoaster of adventures, unique encounters with people from all over the world while being amazed by some of the most beautiful natural wonders given to us by mother earth. Both my wife and I realize this is still only an prologue for more great travel chapters to be written. Together!

Because we're curious, eager to discover new things and by doing it together it even triples the fun!

I dedicate this blog story to our 1st wedding anniversary.

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  1. Hey! I love your blog, it looks amazing. I have nominated you for the Versatile Bloggers Award, read my post to find out what you need to do -

    Make sure you pass on the love!

  2. Thanks Lucy! That's amazing, we're so honoured!

    Marlo & Kristof xxx


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